We all know that Capri is synonymous with beautiful sea and wonderful sun. However, we also know that Capri is a lot more than that. Capri is thousands years history carved into the very core of its rocks. Capri is luxuriant nature, art, literature, cinema, gastronomy, fashion and craftsmanship.

We believe that all these elements blend to form different, unique and exciting experiences for people to live, share and tell.

By telling the story and those people and places that have built the myth of such a wonderful place and its surroundings, the blog wishes to help readers find their own path through this world of beauty.

We like to think of this blog as a gateway to the magic atmospheres that have enchanted whoever came to the Island: from the controversial Emperor Tiberius to the protagonists of La Dolce Vita. Follow us and enjoy the journey!


Happy reading!

Francesca Tozzi – General Manager


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